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Mekel Integrated Services was founded in 2007 with industry experience of over 20years, we offer high quality and professional services in engineering, procurement,construction, lighting solutions and interior design. Our extensive knowledge enables us to provide our customers with a wide array of engineering and mechanical tools and service delivery options. We equally offer a full range of technical back up services,  customized designs and installation for any setting. 

With a dedicated customer service team, international partners and prompt service delivery system we take pride in offering creative products protection to our customers and much more.




Mekel Lighting & Interior

With today’s economic trend, we offer a range of high quality products at affordable prices with warranty. From simple light bulbs to beautiful and exceptional light fittings, switches and sockets to suit any setting. Be sure to connect with us for customized lighting designs, unique interior decors and designs. As the sole representative of the UK based Inspired Lighting Ltd in West Africa quality is guaranteed.


Engineering &  Construction

We offer civil works that deals with design and construction of roads, bridges, laying of pipes, commercial and residential buildings. Supply and installation of mechanical and instrumentation spares. Electrical works; wiring, supply and installation of electrical components, explosion proof lighting and electrical systems.


Project Management & Maintenance 

Practicing simple values to care for machinery, systems and projects enables individuals and organisations achieve goals, milestones and projects as planned proper maintenance also prolongs the life of systems and machineries. Mekel services as a certified project and maintenance manager offers mechanical and electrical systems Maintenance to help individuals and organisations commit to quality,manage facilities and equipments to minimize damage. We also coordinate and execute any project to achieve the set objectives, reduce cost without compromising quality and finish each project in time.


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